May 16, 2018

Survivor Ghost Island: Family Visits and Fractured Naviti

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Week 11

The remaining castaways (and Jeff Probst) are overwhelmed with emotion when the annual family visit rolls around. Sebastian wins the challenge and gets to enjoy a feast with his sister, then chooses Domenick and his wife, Wendell and his dad, and Donathan and his sassy aunt to join. Wendell forgoes dad dad time for a guaranteed advantage at Ghost Island, which pisses off Kellyn's since someone else could have had a family visit instead. Back at camp, Kellyn tries to rally the women to make a move and get Wendell or Domenick out of the game.

Despite getting an advantage to get a do-over in the ball balancing challenge (a relic of Malcolm in Survivor Philippines), it doesn't help him too much and Domenick wins immunity again. The men are targeting Chelsea because she's the strongest in challenges, and the women are going after Wendell since Dom can't be voted against. Domenick and Laurel are the swing votes, realizing this might be the only time they could go after the powerful pair. Donathan seems more inclined to flip while Laurel is hesitant. What to do, what to do?

Tribal Council time! There's talk about the fallout from the double Tribal Council and some of the tension created. Donathan confirms there IS an opening in the Naviti 6, and that both the women and men approached him. He says there could even be a blindside. The question is Donathan talking to talk, or giving hints? Donathan's mouth might have had a lot spilling out of it, but his side was chosen: the majority votes Chelsea out of the game.

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