May 6, 2018

Survivor Ghost Island: Two Malolos Go-Go

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Week 10

With day 39 closely approaching and a lot of players still in the game, Survivor gets right now to business: double elimination. Well, sorta. The ten remaining players are randomly split into two tribes to compete for individual immunity, then each of those "tribes" will vote someone off. Chelsea secures immunity on the purple temporary tribe, then Wendell and Domenick try to outlast each other until Dom gets his win for the orange tribe. It's a good night for Dom as he also finds the fake idol David made on Millennials vs. Gen-X and has this little trick up his sleeve for the future.

Given the nontraditional format of this week's episode, my blog's going off-format too. Let's give it a roll!

The temp purple tribe is what we could call the non-entity tribe because they're barely had screentime this season: Chelsea, Angela, Sebastian, Jenna, and Donathan. Surprise, surprise - the Naviti three plan to target Jenna, but tell her they're voting off Donathan. Jenna buys their story, so when Donathan considers playing his idol to save her, Jenna thinks it's this masterful move that will remove Donathan and his idol from the game. Come Tribal Council time, Jenna plays up that she's probably going home and ready to vote and get it over with. Donathan plays the Immunity Idol on himself and is very satisfied when the first vote for him is null. But the rest of those votes are not for Donathan, but Jenna. She gets her torch snuffed and immediately joins the jury to view the second Tribal Council of the evening.

All members of the orange tribe are the season's heavy-hitters: Domenick, Wendell, Laurel, Michael, and Kellyn. Michael wants to fake everyone out by borrowing Donathan's idol, but Donathan squashes that idea immediately. Michael is able to put enough fear into Kellyn without any physical proof that she starts scrambling to protect herself. Kellyn's plan is use her regular vote and play her extra vote advantage to put two votes on Laurel, just in case of an idol. Wendell warns Laurel that there is a vote coming her way via Kellyn, and Laurel hopes her allies could change their plans and vote Kellyn. Domenick is confident Michael is lying and isn't going to let his plans waver, but Michael plays up his bluff. Seeing Jenna on the jury sets the tone that this is potentially another night of, ugh, Naviti Strong. Laurel points out that her safety in the game relies on others having the correct read on Michael, and its agreed by all that if this isn't played correctly it could have major game remifications. When the votes are read, there are quite a few surprises. Wendell and Kellyn each receive one vote, but there's a two-vote tie between Michael and Laurel. The jury astutely notices there is an extra vote (ah the way the mind works when you're not malnourished) on a weird piece of crossed out parchment with Michaela's name on it (reminder that if you voted for Michael you'd just have to scratch off the A). The tribe re-votes and finally takes Michael out of the game.

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