May 28, 2018

The Bachelorette: Becca Starts the Damn Thing

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Week 1

Oh another season of reality TV love! After watching Becca Kufrin get dumped by her fiance Arie whatever-his-last-name-is for a solid hour, Becca is still totally cool with this show and is back to find a fiance again. Trust the devil you know? As they do every single season now, Becca gets inducted into the sorority of leads by former Bachelorettes that are still engaged, including Rachel setting off the smoke alarm from using sage to rid the house of all of Arie's demon energy. After toasting with Becca's stuck-with-forever-catchphrase of "Let's do the damn thing!", Becca gowns up in a gorgeous white dress that looks like it's covered in pearls and heads to the slicked up driveway to meet her suitors.

The limos begin rolling up and while I could list then all, let's just call out the interesting ones because no one wants to read that much. Colton is the first out and brings some confetti poppers to kick off the evening. There's also one too many "damn thing" entrances and my god, make it stop already. The Arie disses are front and center, with Nick showing up in a racecar uniform and removing in and Mike bringing a cardboard cutout of her ex. Blake shows up on a bull this time (he rode a horse to meet Becca on After the Final Rose). Unique transportation of the night also includes Garrett who pulls up in a minivan and Trent who hops out of a hearse. David dresses as a chicken and says "Bec-KAW!" and... yup. Chris arrives in a limo all alone because every other seat is occupied by a twelve-person choir. All in all, some pretty fun entrances and nothing TOO lame.

27 men in their fanciest blazers (plus 1 in a chicken suit) listen to Becca's kickoff speech but are secretly ready to pounce and make their presence known. This includes a lot of props and gags like poems, back massagers, slam dunks, and bracelets. But Becca bonds best with the genuine conversations. But here's the drama: Chris knows Chase's ex-girlfriend, who texted to say Chase is not on the show for the right reasons. Chase comes clean to Becca that it was just a girl he was talking to for a month and hopes this won't affect his chances. Becca starts pondering who is there for the right reasons and sends home Jake right away, because they've actually met a couple of times before in real life, he never expressed interest before, and she's not interested currently. Minus some very minor speedbumps, Becca finds some good connection and gives her first impression rose to minivan Garrett - and they kiss. Will the first impression rose tradition continue and lead to Garrett being Becca's last man standing?

At the first Rose Ceremony, Becca hands out so many roses that I barely paid attention because it's all about who doesn't get a rose. Heading home roseless on night one is Chase and his text, my #1 pick grocery store Joe, "social media participant" Kamil who was awful, and other people. Well this should be an interesting season for sure.

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