June 11, 2018

The Bachelorette: 4,000 Matches and Two Injuries

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Week 3

Becca brings a big group of her Bachelor season besties to get pampered by all her men. It's bizarre to watch since odds are none of these dudes are Becca's fiance and chances are higher that these guys hook up with her five pals on Paradise. Colton panics when he sees his ex Tia there, and Tia explains to Becca that her and Colton only kissed and never had an established relationship. Becca still needs to know if Colton applied to this show expecting Tia to be the lead, but Colton assures Becca he's there for her and feels things so he gets the group date rose. But that's not the only drama as David tells Becca that Jordan might not be there for the the right reasons. Jordan also holds as astounding record of 4,000 Tinder matches in a year (insisting it's 100% match rate) and if that doesn't say here for the right reasons, I don't know what does. 

A leather-clad Becca brings Chris on their 1-on-1 to Capitol Records to write their love song. Thankfully they have the sage mentorship of "Right Here Waiting" singer Richard Marx. Becca urges Chris to be more vulnerable and this translates into the two of them very boringly reciting their song lyrics, which is rewarded by a Richard Marx slow clap. At dinner, Becca checks on why it was hard for Chris to open up and he shares that expressing himself so much for the chance of being let down is hard. Oh and sad home life. Becca appreciates that Chris pushed hard to open up and really shared a lot with her, so she gives him the date rose and then Richard Marx serenades them with "Right Here Waiting" because he had one job. Nailed it, Richard!

Meanwhile, back at the mansion EMTs come and take David away, blood all over the floor. Chris Harrison heads to Becca's rental home to let her know about the incident and that David ended up in intensive care after falling out of his bunk bed and landing on his face. But he's OK and the show must go on!

The group date guys warm up with some drills led by the Legends Football League AKA badass female football players, then play a real game with the ol' pigskin. The Becca Bowl ends in a tie and Clay the actual NFL player getting a trip to the ER with a wrist injury. At night they have drinks in an antique store, you know like we all do. Blake becomes that guy who gets attached early and can't handle her dating other guys, going so far as calling Becca his girlfriend already (she likes this). Clay shows up late with a sling and gets some smoochin' and even better: a rose. Tuck it into the sling for the ultimate accessory!

Becca's got a few crushes and connections going on with all her men, which is a much better standing than last week's mess. But bad news: Clay chooses to leave the show for immediate surgery on his arm, forgoing his chance at love with Becca to ensure he'll still be able to have a job playing football after this. Tis a sad ending. Sorta.

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