June 20, 2018

The Bachelorette: Lumberjerks

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Week 4

Picking up after the Clay leaving To Be Continued, the cocktail party continues where Becca tolerates this group of duds. Becca bonds with Blake over their ideal kid count and she gifts Jordan a pair gold lamay booty shorts (which I'm sure he'll wear upon arrival to a likely stint on Bachelor in Paradise). The true charmer of the evening is David, who gets his rose pre-ceremony, who has returned with a broken nose and bruised face from his brutal bunk bed fall. Onto the Rose Ceremony where Becca eliminates two dudes whose names I don't know nor does the show care to show on the way out. Oh well! Next stop: Park City, Utah!

Becca's first date in Park City is a 1-on-1 with Garrett and she's already jumping and wrapping her legs around him. What starts as a boring meander-around-town date turns into the pair going bobsledding. Becca already trusts Garrett so much and could see him being the one at the end. Garrett opens up about his past relationship which includes him getting married and divorced 2 months after that because she was emotionally abusive to him - at least that's his side of the story. This makes Becca wonder if perhaps Garrett would feel too much pressure should he get to the end, but he reiterates that he's very much here for Becca. Becca's really into Garrett and he gets the date rose before heading to a concert date where they slow dance in front of a crowd.

The group date guys, including Flat Earther Lincoln, meet Becca out in the beauty of nature for Becca's Lumberjack Bash competition. It's amazing that this show trusts these dudes to throw axes only at targets. After a relay of log rolling, flipping, sawing, and scaling a 30 foot pole, some guy named John wins the Golden Lumberjack. Despite Becca's request to keep on their flannels, the guys change their clothes for their nighttime cocktail date. Becca forgot Jason's name last week, but she remembers him now due to his status as a good kisser. Jordan wears his gold lamay shorts under his pants and then wears them for the night which is the biggest "not here for the right reasons" indicator and Colton confronts Jordan about being a clown. Jean Blanc gifts Becca with a personal fragrance called "Miss Becca Blanc" and says he's already falling in love with her. Becca is taken aback (crickets!) and not reciprocating that feeling at all, so she lets him go. When Jean Blanc asks for the fragrance back, he then admits doesn't feel that strong and was saying what he thought she wanted to hear, then backtrack . BOY BYE. Becca returns distressed and decides to not hand out a date rose.

Becca's all geared up for her 1-on-1 date with Wills but still totally shaken by Jean Blanc's bullshit. But she's not going to let some douche hold her down and the rush of snowmobiling turns that frown upside down. They take a break to snuggle and sip champagne at a scenic overlook and Wills is really understanding about her situation and wants to make her happy. This is everything Becca needed. On the night portion of the date, Wills opens up about his past heartbreak from the woman he thought was his "one". Becca understands the feeling and it brings them closer, so she gives him the date rose. Then they kiss on a cobblestone wall.

Chris Harrison rolls up to the dude's cabin in the daytime to let them know there's no cocktail party tonight because Becca's already made up her mind. Panic mode, commence! Becca hands out her roses and gone this week is Christon the Harlem Globetrotter and Nick who wore a track suit to the previous Rose Ceremony. Gone and already forgotten.

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