July 9, 2018

The Bachelorette: Bahama Mama

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Week 7

Becca and her men depart the exotic state of Virginia for the pretty blah Bahamas with it's crystal clear water, smooth sand, and bottomless daiquiris. But first, Becca has to have a conversation with Chris Harrison about all her feelings and whatnot. Also big news: no Rose Ceremony, only dates! Wahoo, save an evening gown.

Colton joins Becca for the first 1-on-1 date in the Bahamas, sailing and smooching on a catamaran. Then a dude rolls up to get them to catch and eat conch, which is an aphrodisiac. This is, of course, a wonderfully elaborate setup to make Colton uncomfortable because he's preparing to reveal to tell Becca he's a virgin. They ditch their very enthusiastic Bahamian pal and get dressed up to fake eat dinner. Becca gets nervous when Colton admits he has a secret and she's surprised to find out he focused on football and not banging. This apparently shakes Becca enough that she has to get up and get some fresh air. Colton is being honest instead of lying like he did in the locker room. Also, he isn't saying a hard no to sex, just waiting for the right person. Becca appreciates that Colton takes this all very seriously and wants to meet his family, so she gives him the date rose.

Next up is Garrett, who flies away on a seaplane a private makeout island with Becca. He's very confident in their relationship and connection, trying to be positive about this weird dating experience and life in general. Becca is falling for Garrett but she wants to make sure they're connecting deeper than their immediate physical attraction. Becca uses the night portion of the date to dig into Garrett's failed marriage and why it did and didn't work out. Her concern is that Garrett likes the idea of them together more and he reassures her of his true feelings. He's falling in love with her and Becca is very pleased. Garrett gets the date rose and they strip down to their swimsuits to makeout in the water at night.

After spending a few days moaning about his status and insecurity with his relationship, Blake finally gets his 1-on-1 date. And what a date it is: it's a live performance from the Baha Men! And they only play "Who Let the Dogs Out?" once! Blake opens up to Becca about his rocky week of emotions, and Becca admits it's been hard for her too - having feelings for multiple guys vs. her prior experience of only have Arie (bleckh) to think about. Becca really appreciates Blake's honesty and openness but hopes to get some more info about his parent's divorce before a possible hometown date. And boy does Blake share a dramatic saga about his mom dating his coach/teacher. Becca tells Blake that she's attracted to how open he is, but he's an open book with her and is falling in love... but staying in love sounds even more fun. Blake tells Becca he is in love with her and she's very happy to hear this. In fact, Becca is in love with him too but she can't say it. They kiss a whole lot and obviously gets the date rose.

The final date of the week is a 3-on-1 date with Wills, Jason, and Leo. Becca wants to keep it fun despite having to dump two dudes, so they play some volleyball but shirts stay on because this isn't Top Gun. Each guy gets a little alone time to sort of plead their case and reaffirm their feelings. Wills and Becca bond over their similar family bonds. Jason feels comfortable with Becca and doesn't let anything else distract him. Leo's a little more insecure because his lifestyle is so different and he knows he's behind the Becca-love-curve than the other guys. Becca agrees that they aren't far enough along to meet his family, so she cuts him on the beach and brings Wills and Jason to dinner. Onto an awkward dinner where Wills looks ready for an island adventure and Jason for a golf excursion. Where Becca feels Jason isn't as open about his feelings, Wills lets it all out about why he's falling in love with her. With only one rose to give, Becca extends the rose (and hometown date) to Jason. Becca tells Wills she couldn't bring his family isn't this when she knew her feelings didn't match his and at least we know he'll be a total star catch in Paradise - heck, maybe even The Bachelor if we are so blessed.

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