July 23, 2018

The Bachelorette: Thailand or Bust

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Week 9 - Fantasy Suites

Becca and her final three hop on long flights for their Fantasy Suite dates in Thailand. Becca is apparently in love with two men and falling in love with a third, which is fairly easy to guess the third place guy. But two hearts shall be broken in time - whose will they be?

First date of the week is with Blake, where they go on an affection-free hike until they reach a sacred temple and get to ring a bell to spread their love. While these overnight dates are meant to be exciting and fun, Blake is completely in his head about the other guys and fears Becca might love them and heartbreak might come his way again. Becca helps comfort Blake and relates to his feelings since she went through this experience a year ago. But Blake's a self-described guy who's here to stay, not go. And go they do to the extremely ornate decorated Fantasy Suite AKA Bone Zone! Lying in bed the next morning, Blake reassures Becca he loves her but he's back to being insecure which will last until he gets the chance to propose.

Next up on the date roster is Jason, who Becca takes on a date to the market to eat crickets and take in the sights. Becca has a great time with Jason, but feelings-wise she's still only starting to fall in love with him while the other two guys are full blown love feelings. Her lack of feelings puts her into a major guilt trip after making a passive comment about the future to Jason, since she knows a future ain't happening. Yet the date continues on, randomly jumping ahead in time to the night portion of the date. Becca can't even seem to fake being happy around Jason any more, looking completely stoic as Jason talks about his strong feelings for her and the hometown visit. Once Jason stops blabbing, he checks in on how Becca is feeling and she can't hide it anymore: she's just not that into him and isn't going to put him through an overnight date when she doesn't reciprocate the feelings. He keeps trying to plead his case but she can't keep up the charade eventhough she feels terrible. Eventually Jason accepts it and takes a very glum limo ride to the airport.

Last but not least (well for Becca, definitely last for me), Becca and Garrett go rafting where they see an elephant and a bunch of Thai people partying it up for a holiday. Garrett tells Becca he's getting better at communicating now that he's falling in love with her, which is what she needs to hear. Their night portion of the date is at an elaborately laid out campsite where Becca is wearing the most hideous lace outfit I have seen. Garrett admits right before coming to the show, he considered backing out because he wasn't sure about being in a relationship or married again, but turns out it all worked out. Becca is all smiles as Garrett is very open to moving in the future (or meeting in the middle) to help pursue Becca's goals. Garrett says he loves Becca and he hopes she's the last woman he has to say it to, and of course they head to their Fantasy Suite treehouse mere feet away for their night together.

Just when you think this episode should be over and things are OK, Jason rolls up to Becca's hotel and knocks on the door. He needs to keep telling Becca how much he cares about her and she has to reiterate it wasn't easy to dump him, but it had to be done. Jason gives Becca a scrapbook he made for her throughout their reality TV dating voyage and leaves. Thanks for the time-filler, Jason.

There are two men left now and both love Becca, and she loves them both. Both men get their roses, but they're kind of default roses since Jason isn't there. The question is, which man does Becca see being by her side by the rest of her life - or near future? To be continued until after we suffer through The Men Tell All.

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