July 1, 2018

The Bachelorette: Vegas Becca, Vegas!

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Week 5 

Becca and her fellas arrive in Sin City for their latest stop on the We Hate Arie Tour. The guys bask in the amazing view of their Aria suite and I hope they like it because outside of their dates, it’s the only thing they’ll see of Vegas. 

Becca’s first date of the week is a 1-on-1 date with Colton to “get over the jumps of their past relationships” by riding camels. Not everything needs a terrible metaphor because camels are cool on their own. The camels don’t want to let Becca and Colton hold hands because my guess is they have psychic energy and know Colton’s true heart lies with Bachelor in Paradise. They unwind in a hot tub placed in the middle of the desert before fast forwarding to being gussied up for their nighttime dinner. Colton opens up about a past relationship that isn’t Tia and warns Becca he takes love and saying “I love you” very seriously. But of course Becca has the magical ability to help him break down his walls and she gives him a date rose. They depart for sightseeing and smooching on a double decker bus down the Vegas strip, complete with a “Kiss her!” billboard - exactly what romantic dreams are made of. And despite his long ramblings of the seriousness of love, Colton tells the camera he’s falling in love with Becca. Sure.

The group date men get the most Vegas experience one could have outside of performing with a silky white tiger or losing $100 in ten minutes in casino WAR: a day at Wayne Newton’s house. Wayne is tan as ever and a generous host (or a man working on a second income) and gives the guys a tour around his vast estate, Shenandoah. But a tour isn't the only part of the date, as Wayne requests the men write songs about Becca. Dude, Wayne... we did this already with Richard Marx except he didn’t have peacocks sauntering around. But writing isn’t enough so the guys are put in tuxes and forced to perform their “Dankeshein” tributes in front of an audience. After shattering glasses with their voices, Becca and the men have cocktails at Hyde Lounge at the T-Mobile Arena because being around civilization is a no-no. Becca has solo time with nearly all the guys, even getting a big declaration from Blake: he’s falling in love with her, like for real. I say nearly because Becca gives the date rose to Blake and wraps up the night before time with Chris. Chris is pissed and wants to quit because in his mind getting a producer-chosen 1-on-1 date and hyping the audience is what makes you a front runner. Whatever guy, it's not about you.

With tension brewing for week, it's no shocker when model Jordan and fell-off-the-bed David are selected for the 2-on-1 Thunderdome date. A canopy bed is placed in the middle of the Valley of Fire either for a bizarre threesome or a place for Becca to take a nap after losing energy talking to the two bickering men. David immediately throws Jordan under the bus to Becca about him being the wrong guy who's more into random casino chicks. Jordan denies all of David's accusations and insists he is honest with Becca about everything, opening up high tough childhood. Jordan heads back to the bed to pop off on David until Becca returns to tell them both they're petty and frustrating. Becca dumps David immediately on the 2-on-1 date, leaving him on the bed to ponder everything. She continues the night portion of the date with Jordan because I guess they couldn't cancel the reservation without loosing the down payment, so Becca tolerates a few more hours with Jordan and hearing about his model lifestyle, so she cuts him. But hey, she called him "unique" and that's all that matters to him.

There's ten men left and they're ready to woo Becca a little more at the cocktail party to survive to the next exotic destination (spoiler alert: it's Richmond, Virginia). Becca confronts Chris about his threats to quit, to which he says if he wanted to quit her would've. Becca reminds him that he didn't take the initiative to pull her aside on the group date and is frustrated with him so she walks away. Chris decides he won't walk away and tries to interrupt; Becca gives it a hard pass, but Wills gives Chris exactly two minutes and then asks Chris to leave so he can have his time. Now THAT'S initiative. Now Chris has something new to whine about and the guys aren't sympathetic to Chris' desire for more time. Chris continues to beat the dead horse for awhile and TBH I stopped paying attention, but I guess it pays off because Chris receives the final rose of the evening and some guy named John gets cut.

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