July 2, 2018

The Bachelorette: Virginia Is For Lovers and Losers

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Week 6

"Virginia is for lovers!" exclaims Becca about her latest date location. Either they're running out of date locations or the city of Richmond's tourism board ponied up a lot of cash. Becca grabs tea with Chris Harrison to gossip about how excited she is and the love feelings that are developing. It should be a really fun week for Becca as her men AKA Chris and Lincoln are in full tantrum mode against each other.

Slicked hair Jason gets the first 1-on-1 date of the week, which starts as a fun tour around Richmond and frosting giant donuts. But suddenly they arrive at an Unhappy Hour which is the Edward Allen Poe date of your dreams. After literally giggling in the faces of the goth performers at this party, Becca brings Jason to a bar to meet up with his friends and he's totally smitten with this gesture. The feeling is mutual as Becca loves being around Jason and also the kissing is great, per Becca. If's off to their romantic dinner where Becca sees a lot in common, as both share the sad stories about their friends and the hardships faced by the families (her father passed away, his grandmother had Alzheimer's). This date really bonded the two and Becca gives Jason the date rose, then surprises him with a scenic smoochfest high in a clock tower.

The group date guys receive a tour of the Capital from George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, so cue Lincoln the contestant being even more annoying. After their history lesson, the men have to debate in Beccalection 2018 which is the second worse political campaign I can recall. While we all hoped maybe Garrett would get a question about political beliefs, instead it gives the chance for Chris to bring up his prior fight with Lincoln and his hatred of body shaming. Becca is humiliated that she has two childish duds like Chris and Lincoln still in the mix, treating this like a Festivus Airing of the Grievances, so she pulls each aside first at the night portion of the date to get a better understanding of both sides. The men are all super tired of this nonsense not to mention that it completely ruined Becca's night and guys who actually want to get to know her more. Becca takes a breather and then invests her time in guys she actually likes and who are genuinely falling for her.  The group date rose goes to Colton for always being there for her and treating her like a "princess." Wait, we don't hold elections for royalty.

Becca and Leo hop on onto a little plane with Leo to take in the views of Virginia in the fall, but she's not feeling the romance especially after being emotionally drained from the horrendous group date. Leo's a sympathetic ear and a good dude, letting Becca vent and speak freely about her problems with this experience. Feeling better, Becca and Leo pop into the Chesapeake Bay (I think) to shuck some oysters and kiss. At dinner, Becca thanks Leo for turning around her bad day and he thinks that's a vital part of being a partner to someone. Leo gets very real, very fast about feeling like he failed his father by not being good enough to play basebally professionally. Becca is very impressed by Leo's openness and gives him the rose then they head off to slow dance in front of a no-name recording artist in front of a crowd holding up cell phones. ROMANCE!

Back at the hotel, Chris is still the center of all the drama. The guys think he's volatile and are uneasy around him; it's not a great situation. Chrits throws on his camel-colored pea coat and heads to Becca's hotel to bother her AGAIN. Chris is very insistent on his feelings for Becca and thinking he could see marrying her at the end, but she questions this statement given the last week. Becca's heard a lot, seen a lot, and felt a lot and it's not positive so she lets him go. BUH BYE.

The cuts keep coming as Becca forgoes the cocktail party to head right into the Rose Ceremony to eliminate two more and follow her heart. Becca gives her three roses to Garrett, Blake, and Wills, which sends home Connor and  Lincoln (FINALLY).

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