August 19, 2018

Bachelor in Paradise: Jordans Aren't Phased by Davids

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Week 2

The true star of Bachelor Winter Games and my angel Yuki joins Wells behind the bar, the perfect way to bring her onto the franchise. Oh yeah, people are dating so I guess I should get into that.

Kenny gets a date card and brings Krystal on his Mexican luchador wrestling date where he gets to hop into the ring and showoff his skills. The pair bond over their true selves and even share a kiss. While Krystal is gone, Kevin moves on and tests the waters with Astrid, leading to a kiss by the beach. Male model/passionate Capricorn Jordan sets up a romantic dinner of champagne-only with Annaliese, but Jordan's rival David has planted seeds of doubt in her mind about Jordan's intentions. But Jordan's sweetness and sincerity wins her over and they kiss. And grudgingly I report on the saga of Tia and Colton, which never ends as the guys question if his feelings for Tia are real considering he "loved" Becca, and Tia is tired of being dragged around.

It's time for the Rose Ceremony at long last, so the guys start to hustle to secure themselves a rose. Jordan gives Annaliese a giant stuffed animal, and she confirms he'll receive her rose. Nick thinks his connection with Chelsea is strong, but she looks like she hates every second around him. Kendall and Grocery Store Joe laugh together and then he opens up that he came here hoping to understand why he never found love, but then she heads over and smooches Venmo John. Tia confronts Colton about being led and TL;DR - Colton wants to stay open with Tia but also see other people and she's not hanging around to be second choice. In flies the Goose to sweep Tia away. The women finally hand of their roses; here are the pairings: Krystal/Kenny, Astrid/Kevin, Tia/Chris the Goose, Kendall/Grocery Store Joe, Annaliese/Jordan, Nysha/Eric, Chelsea/David, Angela/Venmo John, and Bibiana/Colton. Wait whaaaat?! Someone came to bring the drama. And with that we say goodbye to Nick (fine) and Wills (nooooooo).

More women are en route to Paradise, but no one expected one of them to be Bachelorette Becca to drag out the Tia and Colton BS. Deja vu, Becca and Tia talk 1-on-1 about Colton, who is sitting on a rock crying about seeing the woman he loved again and also not being ready for this. So what better time to have Becca go see a sobbing Colton who's a mess? Colton and Becca talk and he gets the closure he needs, while Chris AKA Goose is still annoying about it.

Some other people finally get airtime on this show. Eric and Angela (who?) have a connection and kiss. Jenna, another of Arie's rejects, arrives at Paradise on her birthday. With her pink hair and pink outfit, she makes Jordan smile and they go horseback riding on the beach. It's love at first sight for him and they smooch all day long at the beach, then he returns back to the resort and has to break things off with his earlier connection, Annaliese. Because his nemesis David has literally nothing better to do (and likely production told him), he surprises Jenna with a birthday cake and awkwardly removes his shirt around her. Jordan isn't phased (but kinda is). While Jordan vs. David is very predictible, Venmo John being Paradise's hot commodity is not and he goes on fantastic dates with newcombers Caroline and Jubilee. What's a successful app developer to do?

Wrapping up the overloaded week, Kenny expresses interest in moving forward with Krystal but she's just not that into him. Who she is into is Chris, who is supposedly into Tia, and the pair kiss. He hasn't kissed a blonde before. Well Tia ain't taking this garbage and heads to confront ol' Goose... but not until next week.

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