September 3, 2018

Bachelor in Paradise: Go All In

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Week 4

Love triangles are all the rage in Paradise this week! Also, semi-non-linear recaps because man is this show hard to cover.

Connor arrives with his perfect hair and sweaty neck and wants to pursue Krystal, and she's torn because coming into this show she wanted to meet Connor but has strong feelings for Chris the Goose. But Krystal decides to accept Connor's date invitation and things get steamy after the two get buried in the ground for a ritual. Chris the Goose sets up a yoga date to try to win Krystal back (and her rose); it's a success.

Jenna can't decide if she wants to be with fun Jordan and Quebecois Benoit, the safer choice. After professing his feelings yet again and an ultimatum (and some bad continuity editing), Jenna chooses Jordan and cuts Benoit loose. He rage throws a football into the ocean and then gets pissy with Jenna. Jordan confronts Benoit for yelling at Jenna, but gets confirmation from Wells the Bartender than Benoit didn't yell, only made her cry. With all his anger out, Benoit moves on quickly Chelsea and they smooch in a hammock.

Then there's Kendall, Grocery Store Joe, and Leo. After last week's romance novel photoshoot, Kendall feels more drawn to Leo until she finds out he kissed Chelsea but failed to her tell. Leo is mad he got ratted out and points the finger at Grocery Store Joe, but Kevin comes clean that he said it accidentally as he assumed everyone knew. Kevin stands his ground with his Canadian spirit and Leo fumes to everyone else hoping to gain allies (nope) and shames Kendall (nope again). Grocery Store Joe comes to Kendall's rescue because he's wonderful. Triangle over, right? W
rong! Into the equation comes Venmo John, who still is interested in Kendall, and they kiss - but she freaks out because she realizes she's actually falling for Joe. And Joe is falling for her.

Kevin is this week's hero of Paradise, willing to take the blame for accidentally revealing the kiss to Kendall but politely stand his ground as he's confronted. He's also extremely emotionally vulnerable with his now-girlfriend Astrid, as he's had relationships two times from this franchise and both tanked in the real world, so he fears that without having their bond tested (by dating others), the same will happen. Then he plans a date on the beach for Astrid for them to grow their connection even more. Everyone swoons for the Canadian firefighter.

There's a Rose Ceremony coming, but departures are happening even earlier this week. Jubilee rolls her luggage down the cobblestone steps after Venmo John places her in the Friendzone. Kenny decides being a good dad is more important than reality TV dating, so he leaves to make it home for his daughter's recital. Annaliese is distraught (but not distraught enough to leave Paradise to follow her feelings for Kenny), and quickly rebounds when new guy Kamil takes her dune buggying. Suddenly she considers them "one of the strongest couples". Meanwhile, Eric and Angela go on a date at a lavish hotel with gold everywhere, including a gold plated toilet, and what has to be one of the largest ice cream sundaes on Earth. They toast to being all-in on their relationship (of course a day later hot Christina arrives and Eric basically hits the undo button on that declaration).

It's time for a Rose Ceremony, or if you're Leo the possibility to "burn Paradise to the ground" to start fresh. Annaliese gives a cheerful speech, then Leo follows it up with a scathing burn against Kendall. Leo gets up with a parting, "Good luck with Grocery Store Bitch" so Joe follows and requests Leo say it to his face and they get into an off-camera kerfluffle. Anyways, the night moves on with yet another couple Lady and the Tramping food (this time Colton, Tia, and a hot dog) and Chelsea being a hot commodity all of a sudden. All the main couples give their roses to each other (BTW, Annliese and Kamil are apparently officially a couple? We'll see if that lasts). The only rose that matters tonight is Chelsea's since she's the only single woman and there are four single men: Benoit, Connor, David, or Venmo John. Chelsea chooses to give her rose to Venmo John and he's all smiles. Especially because as the only non-couple-up-guy, Venmo John basically is top choice for all inbound women so he gets to crash a QuinceaƱera with new arrival Olivia.

Next week: will Eric and Angela's all-in be all over?

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