October 15, 2018

Survivor David vs Goliath: All About Natalie

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Week 3

The blindsided members of the David tribe take Jessica's elimination hard, while Nick and Christian excitedly celebrate and find a way to pin the blindside on Gabby. Gabby is potentially the next target of the tribe, which would be sad for her as her and Christian have big dreams about meeting the Mayor of Slamtown, John. John over on the Goliath tribe is having a real learning moment on the island as he discovers a nice side to him that enjoys building relationships. In particular, he likes working with Natalie but knows it'll take a lot of work to safe her. Well good news for him, because Jeremy starts painting his own target pretty big. He bickers with Natalie, gets paranoid about game talk, and outs Dan's idol to anyone who will listen.

The rain of Fiji doesn't like to take a day off and drenches the survivors in their obstacle course/puzzle immunity challenge. Bi injures her knee at some point, but the David tribe is able to ace the four-piece pyramid puzzle and finally evade Tribal Council. Natalie blew the puzzle and is difficult to live with, but Jeremy's social game and desire to scheme makes him Angelina's prime target. Her alliance isn't as sure and wants to keep their tribe strong, but also everyone is really tired of Jeremy and Natalie's bickering.

Rainy Tribal Council time! Probst asks about the harsh weather conditions, which is usually a way to make idle small talk but in this season the rain is its own character - sort of like the city of New York in any movie. Tribal Council eventually becomes a Natalie pile-on about her behavior around camp, but she says she's open to constructive criticism. It's a pretty good ruse of a venting session as the Goliath tribe unites to vote Jeremy out of the game.

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