October 22, 2018

Survivor David vs. Goliath: Charmpocalypse

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Week 4

The David and Goliath tribes come together and Jeff Probst's big news is pre-empted by Bi choosing to quit the game due to her injured MCL. With Bi out, Probst can move along to his announcement: drop your buffs! The tribes are divided into three new tribes, all with Goliath majorities. Odd-man-out Carl destined for a couple of days on Exile Island until he joins the losing tribe. But cry not for Carl as he finds a secret advantage during his exile: an Idol Nullifier, which can block the use of an idol by another player.

Kara, Natalie, Alec, Davie, and Elizabeth make up the new Vuku (orange tribe), and Elizabeth works to bond with Kara quickly (both love horses!). Natalie is at the forefront of the new Jebani tribe (purple), as Nick and Lyrsa get to see what Angelina and Mike have lived with since day one. The Tiva tribe (green) has to start completely from scratch and bond while building their new shelter. Mots importantly, Christian gets to ask John all about Slamtown and it's as magical as you dreamt it could be.

The first Immunity Challenge as the new tribes is a blindfolded maze and puzzle challenge. It's a pretty close race, but Vuku loses and has to face their first shuffled Tribal Council. Given the 3-2 count in favor of the Goliaths, things look grim for Davie and Elizabeth. Elizabeth wants to vote out Natalia and tries to get Alec on her side, but both Elizabeth and Davie are willing to write each other's name down to save themselves. But the Goliaths aren't us united, as Natalia's demanding ways appears to be rubbing Alec the wrong way. However, if Alec flips his vote then the Davids have the majority when Carl joins the tribe. Is it time for a true David defeating Goliath moment?

Tribal Council time! Carl gets to watch from the sidelines to hear the dynamics of his future tribemates. Probst asks if it was obviously an easy vote, and Natalia says yes. Elizabeth hopes she'll be kept around for her character, while Davie is already saying Elizabeth is an end-game threat that needs to go. Elizabeth isn't too mad and she's willing to go out in a blaze of glory if need be, encouraging resume building. Then Alec gets up to whisper to Elizabeth, dropping the tribe's jaws. Natalia can't believe it, while Kara still is trusting Alec who whispers her some sort of plan. Well, it wasn't the right one as Alec, Davie, and Elizabeth blindside a furious Natalia out of the game.

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