October 30, 2018

Survivor David vs. Goliath: Jackets and Eggs

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Week 5

Another massive storm hits Fiji, but this time the cyclone is so strong it requires everyone to be evacuated from the game for 24 hours. We haven't seen this happen since Millennials vs. Gen X and methinks maybe the tax break from Fiji isn't worth the hassle. The next day everyone returns to completely decimated camps but they're all alive, so that's a plus.

Vuku wins the grand prize of chickens in a Reward Challenge, which is a great way to form bonds after blindsiding one member of the tribe by voting out her bestie. Kara tries to make in-roads with everyone, but Elizabeth in particular feels like Alec would stay by her side while Kara would go back to the Goliaths. Over at Tika beach AKA Slamtown, Christian is inducted into the Brochachos with John and Dan. Dan continues his Immunity Idol dominance by finding another clue for an idol, hidden at the next challenge (which he successfully retrieves).

But this week's episode is all about Natalie Napalm and her impact on the Jabeni tribe. After the tribe wins a dozen eggs at the Reward Challenge, Natalie irritates the tribe with her insistence to cook all the eggs now. Culinary school graduate Lyrsa tries to make her point, but this is Natalie's camp and you're all living there. Natalie seems in a pretty good spot with the Goliath majority, so when Jabeni narrowly loses immunity in a very cool snake-ball-balancing-game it seems like a David will go. To really put a cherry on top of this debacle, Angelina mentions she wants Lyrsa's jacket (she's freezing) and Natalie uses this as a "negotiation tactic" to try to sorta blackmail Nick or Lyrsa. This is the biggest fight over a jacket since Grease 2. But Goliath Mike is pretty tired of his whole Survivor experience being Adventures in Babysitting Natalie and would like to flip.

Tribal Council time! Angelina talks about the importance of keeping the Goliath numbers with a merge impending. Despite being the epicenter of pretty much all drama this season, Natalie insists back home she's laid back and drama-free. Talk turns to the eggs and the jackets, so Angelina defends Natalie a bit about the jacket plan. Natalie interjects a lot which throws Probst for a loop, which gives him the epiphany that Natalie has to have the last word. The tribe votes out Natalie in a 3-2 vote, and while Natalie doesn't have the last word she has one last laugh: as Angelina begs Natalie for her jacket, Natalie gets her torch snuffed and leaves the game with her beautiful, warm jacket in tow.

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