November 4, 2018

Survivor David vs Goliath: Kebabs and Choices

11/04/2018 Posted by Mel Got Served , No comments
Week 6

With Mother Nature taking a few days off, all the drama this week is generated by human interactions. After a cutthroat move to blindside Angelina and get her jacket, the Jebani tribe doesn't trust Angelina. The Brochachos continue to bond and feed each other, with Christian the center of this David-becoming-a-Goliath storyline. Gabby is extremely nervous about her position in the tribe, so she pulls Alison aside to try to make inroads to protect herself. Vuku is the sole losing tribe of the ring toss for kebabs Reward Challenge, then have a spat at camp after Elizabeth tries to fix the bamboo on the shelter to help her bad back and snaps on her tribemates.

Jebani loses Immunity in an embarrassing fashion, totally unable to successfully carry a giant saucer of water without spilling. Mike has it in his head that all the Goliaths are mad they voted out Natalie and to keep himself safe he has to stay Goliath strong with the numbers. Lysra not willing to work with Angelina, and Angelina is surprised but c'mon, she wrote Lysra's name down to try and dupe Natalie into giving her a jacket. No one wants a 2-2 tie, so the secret partnership of Mike and Nick AKA the Rockstars hold the power.

Tribal Council time! Probst starts the night bringing up the bond this tribe of four has, despite being challenge flops. It's less about David and Goliath now and more about trust and loyalty. There's loose talk about following through on plans, but since everyone has plans they're just hoping the one they chose is the victorious path. Lyrsa stresses she's honest and loyal, but that's not enough: ultimately the tribe chooses to vote her out of the game.

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