November 12, 2018

Survivor David vs. Goliath: It's a Merge Party

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Week 7

Pack up your bags and drop your buffs: it's merge time! Donning some beautiful sky blue buffs (a welcome reprieve from season after season of black merge buffs), the Davids and Goliaths come together for a wonderful merge feast. Laughs and gossip are shared (Alec orchestrated the blindside against a Goliath! Drunk Carl is tired of Elizabeth!), and the tribe is officially named Kalokalo, which Elizabeth Googled and found is the Fijian word for stars. As Alec perfectly explains, the merge is the big party and everything else before this point is pre-gaming. Let the real game begin!

Sure they're one big happy tribe, but the reunion of 7 Goliaths means constant reiteration of the term "Goliath Strong" with a plan to pick off the 6 remaining Davids. But Goliath Alec, once already a turncoat, is thinking past tribal lines and forms hybrid alliance of Davids (Gabby, Nick, Christian) and Goliaths (himself, Alison, Mike). The Davids are all fairly willing to sacrifice Elizabeth for the big picture, and that's good because she's on the top of Dan's shitlist. Elizabeth hears Dan and Kara whispering all night and starts talks to get rid of Dan, which gets back to him via Alec - the epicenter of this episode. Dan's mind is boggled that anyone would dare consider voting for him, despite being a brawny guy with a flirtmance and two idols. 

The survivors compete in their first Individual Immunity Challenge and Alison succeeds is swinging her pendulum the longest, bringing her joyful tears and giving Probst a smelly hug. The Goliaths convene to make a decision who to target, and Angelina steamrolls the group with military terms she learned from her husband to blindside Christian. The other Goliaths are reluctant to follow Angelina's demands and Dan creates a mini insurgence to return the target back to Elizabeth. Angelina gets upset at her loss of control and in a moment of true emotion (or jury strategy), she tells Elizabeth she's getting voted out at Tribal Council. Elizabeth tells Gabby what went down and decides Tribal Council will be a great time to blow up Angelina's spot.

Tribal Council time! We learn there are many "factorials" in managing a post-merge game, a delightful moment of comedy via the Brochachos. Angelina voices that for this first merge vote, Goliath plans to stay together and this is Elizabeth's window to open. Or smash. Elizabeth insists there is a fracture in the Goliaths and tells everyone that Angelina spilled the beans earlier about the vote. Everyone assumes Angelina is already trying to set herself up nicely with jurors for her eventual Final Tribal Council speech. Gabby gets emotional (pretty on-brand for her) about Elizabeth defending herself for wanting to stay, and Angelina defends herself and apologizes for her emotional decision. Elizabeth has hopes maybe a couple Goliaths will see there's a fracture and swap over, but in fact no one makes the leap: Elizabeth is unanimously voted out and becomes this season's first juror.

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