November 26, 2018

Survivor David vs. Goliath: Nullify and Blindside

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Week 9

Davie celebrates the massive blindside of John the Mayor of Slamtown by whipping out the jacket he now possesses, which in this jacket-obsessed season is the ultimate coup. The Davids correctly surmise that a played idol means a new idol is hidden, and eventually Christian finds that bad boy. While the Davids are bonded, the Goliaths are falling apart and looking to make big moves, while Mike is imploring the gang on a burger reward to just stick together. Dan is upset he misplayed his idol and lost a close ally, and his downer 'tude is making his Goliath pals consider maybe cutting him loose - even his flirtmance Kara, who confides to Alec and Alison that Dan has a second idol. Operation Goliath big move: blindside Dan.

Alec wins Immunity, leaving Dan vulnerable and open to the big plan. Kara and Alison approach Gabby and Nick with the plan to split the vote between Dan and Angelina and they're onboard with anything. But Alison quickly backtracks worried that the Davids are "too onboard" with the plan and it's this bigger move for the Davids to usurp the power. Umm, they're the minority alliance and you want to pick off a Goliath so methinks they'd be very onboard. Alison and Alec return to the original idea of simply voting off Christian again, and the Davids can seeing the Goliaths reconvening and changing their mind. Tired of getting screwed over again, the Davids share all their advantage and idol information, laugh at how much power they actually have, and put their heads together to seize control.

Tribal Council time! Alison says John's blindside was the wake-up call to finally play the game. Gabby said it wasn't joy she felt at John's blindside but relief that they felt the underdog position. Probst asks if it's back to David vs. Goliath and some Goliaths (Dan and Mike) express that it still is, while Gabby encourages the Goliath bottom-feeders to join the Davids for a move. There's discussion that basically then you're the bottom of both groups, but ever-the-optimist-Carl says the game is always changing. And boy does the game change at this vote. Nick plays his vote steal advantage and steals Alison's vote, allowing him to vote twice. The Goliaths are distraught and Dan whisper-asks Kara if he should play his idol for Alison (looks like Kara might have whispered "Play the idol on you"??). Dan opts to play his second Hidden Immunity Idol to cover his butt... except Carl plays his Idol Nullifier advantage and sends shockwaves through Tribal Council. The Idol Nullifer is played on Dan and all votes cast against him are valid. 3 votes for Christian, 2 votes for Angelina, and 6 wonderful David votes against Dan. Talk about amazing use of advantages. If people played them this well all the time, maybe I'd actually like them!

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