December 10, 2018

Survivor David vs. Goliath: Family, Friends, and Betrayal

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Week 11

It's Survivor family visit time which gives loved ones a chance to see how smelly and emaciated their loved ones are and get probed by Probst with real softball questions. Competiting in partners, Angelina and Nick win a boat trip and grub with their parents and choose to bring Davie and his mom and Mike and his boyfriend along. The reward group agrees this is their ideal final four, but Davie feels like the outside given he's the only non-Jabeni member of the four. 

Meanwhile back at camp, Gabby is tired of Christian getting credit for all the moves because he's lovable and wears glasses. She begins the campaign to target her BFF and has Alison and Kara to back her up; they just need two more. Well the good news is, Nick is pretty pissed that Christian was part of the Carl blindside and is ready for revenge. Kara beats out Christian for Immunity, which means the door is open for the attack. Only one problem: Christian has an idol. Nick and his group are down to attempt the Christian blindside, and suggest throwing a couple votes Gabby's way in case an idol is played. Pretty diabolical. But Davie doesn't love this move even if Christian burned them, so he tips Christian off that his BFF Gabby is coming for him and a scorned Nick is OK with it. Christian tries mending fences with Nick, but the damage is done in Nick's eyes.

Tribal Council time! Nick expresses feeling burned by the blindside at the last vote, and there's a discussion of the ramifications amongst the tribe and within relationships. Gabby is feeling much more confident and says going forward she's not going to need reassurance to make the moves she needs to make. Alison compares Probst to the Grim Reaper, and not because he beats a topic to death, but because she was nearly axed at the last vote and that big move to get out Carl saved her. Alison believes she is still a big target as is everyone, but Angelina is basically like nah the threats aren't equal and at this point, she's eliminating people who she doesn't see being with her until the end. Mike points out this is a game of deception, and while the tribe thinks maybe they can dupe Christian, it doesn't work. Maybe it's theatrics, maybe actual uneasiness, but Christian takes a minute to verbally ponder playing his Hidden Immunity Idol and goes through with it. All the votes against Christian are null and out comes an Alison vote. Gabby turns to apologize to the ally she expects to go, but it's a little premature because two votes come out of the turn that send Gabby off to the jury.

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