December 18, 2018

Survivor David vs. Goliath: Idol Hour

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Week 12

Best friends are fun in the game... until the end. Nick fakes finding a Hidden Immunity Idols to throw others off the hunting scent, but his bestie Davie does find the latest idol via an advantage clue. The idol is good for one-night-only unless he plays a game to up its power, but a sign from god tells him not to try. This isn't Davie's only shining moment in the episode, as he wins the Reward Challenge and brings along Nick and Kara - much to the chagrin of a literally begging Angelina. On the reward, Davie suggests to Kara the idea of blindsiding Nick because he may have two idols in his possession.

But then Nick confides in Davie about his fake idol move and Davie wants to undo his plan. That seems to be OK with the Davids who plan to target physical threat Alison, but Mike White wins Individual Immunity and wants to make a bold move. He's very insistent (and correct) that Christian would easily win this entire game and they need to strike, but there's resistance to the idea. Mike uses any leverage he has to whip the votes in his favor and lets Nick know that Davie was ready to turn on him. Nick's pretty upset his buddy turned on him, not to mention while they were on a reward together, and wants to vote off Davie now. Can this group ever get on the same page? Nope, and that's why it's so good.

Tribal Council time! Probst asks if there's any change in the pace of the game, but of course, there's nonstop scrambling and flipping (great TV for us). Angelina points out the nature of Survivor is trust no one, yet to get to the end you have to trust people. Christian points out that he has to work with whoever is willing to work with him since pretty much everyone has tried to vote him out at some point (15 points, closet to beating the all-time record of 19). Davie and Alison both feel this is a season of voting blocks rather than alliances, with Mike piping in that each vote off is a new day and not a grudge-holding-vendetta. Well, some hold grudges as Nick tries to take a shot at Davie. BUT A-HA! Davie plays his one-night-only Hidden Immunity Idol to protect himself, so nice try Nick! Also, nice try at attempting to play a fake idol to get everyone's reactions, then mis-play your actual idol on yourself to avoid a possible blindside. It's a good call, but unfortunately, Nick wastes his idol when no votes are cast against him. Instead the votes come to finally vote out the most likable threat to win the game, Christian the master of slide puzzles and future Comptroller of Slamtown. He shall be missed but, honestly, does anyone think Christian isn't getting invited back to play 4 times?

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