January 29, 2019

The Bachelor: Leapin' and Leechin'

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Week 4

The girls are released from their California mansion prison and jet set off to Singapore in their first destination of love.

Tayshia receives the first 1-on-1 date in Singapore and while Colton feels their relationship isn't as strong as others, he still enjoys her company. Well, nothing will develop a bond quite like an extreme Bachelor date going bungee jumping, which leads to some ocean smooching. Over dinner, Tayshia opens up that she is divorced. Colton appreciates her openness and gives her the rose, following by a makeout session in one of those fancy Ferris Wheels that are tourist traps.

Colton gets leech therapy which is only the second most sucking he gets on this date as thirteen women vie for his attention on the streets of Singapore. Hannah B fears Colton is ignoring her after Caelynn called her manipulative, so she eats a fish eye to impress him and then immediately grabs him on the night portion of the date to express her feelings and it's all OK again. Colton and Cassie kiss despite being told in a past life they were siblings. Demi is an attention hog, but gets vulnerable by revealing that her mom was just released from prison. Courtney is complaining about no Colton time because she's not getting up an interrupting, then gets pissed at Demi for getting two alone-time moments when she's had none. Demi gets the group date rose for showing another side to her, sending Courtney into tears that Colton likely acknowledges that he had no alone time with Courtney and doesn't care.

A hotel butler hand-delivers Caelynn's date card where Colton "spoils" her with a shopping spree on production's dime. She gets all these fancy gowns and yet she wears none of them to the night portion of the date but I guess the bedazzled feather gown can be worn any time. Caelynn opens up to Colton on a new level and reveals 4 years ago she and her friends were sexually assaulted after their drinks were spiked, the legal system failed her, and all but one guy got away with it. It's a beyond awful story and Caelynn is a strong woman for sharing such a hard story on national television. Colton opens up about his ex that also experienced sexual abuse (not named, by Olympian Aly Raisman) and has seen first hand already how traumatic this can all be and how much it affects a person and intimacy. For all the bullshit we've had to deal with on this show, this is an important discussion the show allowed to breathe and be true and to that, I give them kudos.

But back to the normal shitstorm that is The Bachelor. Colton admits he barely knows anything about Hannah G since she's slow to open up, but he still digs her and they really make out on a bed. Meanwhile, the other Hannah and Caelynn call a truce. Courtney makes some passive aggressive comments about Demi, so Demi tells Colton that Courtney is not deserving of his heart and he shouldn't waste his time. Courtney is appalled when she learns that she's been dubbed "the cancer of the house" and says that's Demi. Wrong reasons alert for Demi! But all this do anything to save Courtney and she leaves along with Tracy. Looks like Demi won those battles.

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