February 24, 2019

Survivor Edge of Extinction: Reem to the Extreme

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Week 1

Fourteen new castaways are preparing to be marooned in the middle of the ocean for the 38th season of Survivor, but they're not alone. No, not the camera crew. There are four returnees competing alongside them: Joe Anglim AKA Joey Amazing, Kelley Wentworth, David Wright, and Aubry Bracco. Jeff Probst hammers home to everyone that Survivor is an unpredictable game where you have to push yourself further than you ever imagined and this is all subtle Probst hyperbole to not out the big secret twist of the season. In this season, after being voted out, you can choose to go home or go to the Edge of Extinction for a chance to get back in the game. And with that, the tribes start hustling and grabbing supplies, fruit, etc. before paddling off to their new homes.

Returnees Kelley and David are placed on the Manu tribe with blue buffs and ingratiate themselves fairly well despite being obvious threats. After tribemate Keith nearly drowned in the marooning, Reem and Wendy (who has mild Tourettes) give him some swimming lessons. This trio is viewed as the tribe's weakest members, and more annoying since Reem touched everyone's laundry, so they're easy early targets. Over on Kama beach and sporting yellow buffs, Aubry and Joe try to lay low as the returnees and get the newbies to trust them. It's hard for Joe to fly under the radar though when he's the guru for all things survival related and makes fire without flint. Newbies Eric and Gavin agree that a new player should win this season because returnees have had their chance, and plan to go after Aubry first since Joe is a great shield. Also, the first Secret Advantage of the season is found by school teacher Ron, who snagged it at the marooning. Ron finds the Advantage Menu, an ala carte choice of three different advantages but he must use it by the third Tribal Council.

The first Immunity Challenge is an intense obstacle course, which gives Kelley the first head wound of the season. The giant slide puzzle is the deciding factor and the Kama tribe wins immunity and the Manu tribe will be the first to visit Tribal Council. The Manu divide is obvious, but when Reem suggests breaking up returnee Kelley and newbie Lauren's initial tight bond, it's Keith who fills the majority in on Reem's schemes and that really helps seal the target-deal on her. Oh and because she's deemed weaker than Wendy, likely because she's an older woman - a common Survivor trope. Wardog suggests voting off Wendy instead because regardless of the bigger plan, Wendy insists on voting with Reem. Reem is not a happy camper when she gets wind of being the target and isn't going out without a fight, or a sharp machete.

Tribal Council time! Probst asks about the tribe's initial dynamic and any pairings, but he's quick to transition the conversation into Reem's noticeably bad mood because she's doomed. Kelley says her name and Lauren's were thrown out too, so it doesn't feel good regardless if you're new or returning. Reem says Kelley's name being a target is an honor because she's a legend. Yeah but legends ain't coming to be first boot. This Tribal Council is the Reem show and we're all here for it as she defends herself and actions. Reem knows the age and mom-card are against here, and even though Wendy is her friend she can tell Reem's fate is sealed. Reem's loved ones told her before the show "Don't be the first one to get voted out" and it's a bad omen, as Reem is officially the first one eliminated from the game. BUT ALAS, it's not over for Reem. When she faces the fork-in-the-road (well sign) to choose to end her game or a chance to return, Reem takes the voyage to a dark, isolated existence on the Edge of Extinction.

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