February 26, 2019

The Bachelor: Colton's Falling In Love with Everyone

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Week 8 - Hometown Dates

Caelynn kicks off hometown date week at the highest level: a horsedrawn carriage to get soft serve ice cream. Then comes the whole meeting-the-family-part where apparently they invited any distant relative for a barbeque. Caelynn's stepdad can't stop watching from a distance out of fear they're making hasty decisions (or just dude hates PDA and watching his daughter get fed). Caelynn's mom is having a hard time processing meeting Colton and then in like a week, her daughter might be engaged to him. Caelynn's stepdad recommends instead her and Colton be friends. I mean, it's a possibility if she gets to be The Bachelorette. While Colton is falling in love with Caelynn, he knows there are more discussions to have. Good thing they would have one whole Fantasy Suite date to cover those looming questions! Stepdad questions if Colton is really ready to be married, but with some assurance gives his blessing. I'm sure Caelynn's mom is totally cool with it, but no need to asked her. Now that her family can see their connection, Caelynn ends the night by telling Colton she loves him.

Hometown date #2 brings Colton to Birmingham, Alabama to meet Hannah G's family. But first, Hannah brings Colton to etiquette lessons to get trained on being a southern gentleman (not re-enacting A League of Their Own like I hoped). After Colton learns the proper way to eat a roll with butter, the teacher basically says be yourself and protect Hannah or something. I forget, I just really want a roll with butter now. Onto dinner where Colton makes what seems like a nice toast but Hannah's mother doesn't like it, especially knowing that her daughter could be heartbroken at the end. Hannah's sisters bring up the virginity and she isn't bothered by it. Hannah assures her mother her feelings for Colton and genuine, and her mother accepts her growth as a woman. Colton gets dad's blessing and never talks on-camera to Hannah G's mom nor gets her blessing. Hey guys, moms care too. Anyways, Hannah tells Colton she's falling in love with him and he says he's falling in love with her. Sound familiar?

Colton arrives in Orange County, California only to be immediately blindfolded by Tayshia and brought to the airport for some skydiving. Colton accepts the payback for making Tayshia bungee jump with him previously and enjoys the ride. Or fly? As the sun sets by the airplane hanger, Tayshia tells Colton she's falling in love with him and he says he's falling in love with her. That's 3 for 3! Tayshia's family is welcoming of Colton but also very protective since she's been through a divorce before. Dad says just don't lead Tayshia, or any of the women, along in this process and be honest with Tayshia if Colton is dropping "I love yous" to everyone (fun fact: despite saying he would, Colton at no point has told Tayshia he's given the same schpiel to all the women). This dad, however, isn't as quick to give a marriage blessing because he just met this dude. Tayshia and her dad have a great heart-to-heart about how much Colton means to her but also his concerns as a dad not wanting to see his daughter hurt, but he also trusts her instincts and decides to give the blessing afterall.

Last stop is Huntington Beach, California to see Cassie and get a surfing lesson. Cassie feels strongly for Colton but isn't dropping the ILUs as easily as the others. Cassie's dad is giving a watchful eye as Colton is all touchy-feely on his daughter, wondering if he does the same with the other girls (yes, he does). Cassie gushes to her sister about Colton and thinks maybe she's falling in love with him, but doesn't want to feel rushed to say it and sees the potential that's why she's sticking around. Her sister says if there's any doubt, don't feel pressured into it. Colton tells Cassie's mom he's falling in love with her and they have undeniable chemistry, which is a weird thing to tell a mom. Dad reminds Cassie she's 23 and doesn't need to rush into a forever decision. Despite the nice talk together, dad can't give a premature blessing and it's a downer for Colton. Also, Cassie doesn't end the date with an "I'm falling in love you" like everyone else so it's another kick in the balls for Colton.

The four women reconvene at a fully re-done barn or something for the Rose Ceremony. Someone won't be going to the potential Bone Zone with Colton and he has to follow his heart to get there. Hannah G, Tayshia, and Cassie receive roses, which blows my mind to see Caelynn gone as I thought she was kind of a shoo-in. Caelynn feels like an idiot for thinking this was going to work out and even picturing their future together, but it's hard to not picture the future when Colton literally tells you he sees their dog and kids and stuff. Caelynn leaves crying, while the other 3 start pondering what's going to happen in the Fantasy Suites with virginal Colton.

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