March 3, 2019

Survivor Edge of Extinction: Let's Have a Dialogue

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Week 2

Reem finds out Edge of Extinction has no defined timeline except her own personal limits, so if at any time she wants to quit she can raise a flag. So she spends her time starving and crying alone on a deserted island, as we all probably would.

Back in the main game, the Kama tribe remains hellbent of getting rid of the returnees despite the tribe getting along well and their skillful moves for Ron's dream dance-number entrance to the next Immunity Challenge. Since Joe is defined as the physically strong one, the target on Aubry grows even bigger, especially after the newbies compare notes and see Aubry has tried to have "a dialogue" with each of them. Good news for Kama is that Manu is much more of a mess and scattered in their plans. Wendy feels like she's next to go and puts all the blame on Kelley, trying to loop in Rick (who is apparently getting the last night treatment "Devens") and David - and David's sort of open to the idea of cut-her-before-she-cuts-me. But in order to blindside Kelley, they need to get a majority and sharing the plan with the wrong person could make it all backfire. Speaking of secrets, Kelley's #1 fan Lauren finds a Hidden Immunity Idol but keeps it super secret and rehides it in the sand to keep it away from nosy folks because unlike men, women don't have junk to hide it. Speaking of junk, CBS censors, you sure it's a good idea to leave men in their wet undies instead of a swimsuit?

The Immunity Challenge this week requires swimming and carry a giant, heavy snake through the water and nailing ring toss. Manu initially falls behind due to Keith's swimming and a lack of strength to lift the snake, but catches up and loses the ring toss battle - also in part due to Keith. Wardog thinks the tribe should target Keith because he's a challenge liability whereas Wendy is a good swimmer and does well, but Kelley would rather vote off the person actually targeting her. Keith is such a nice, loyal guy so Chris wonders if maybe they should blindside Kelley and keep Keith - just like David and Rick/Devens wanted! But then Chris tells the plan to Wardog who is opposed to the whole plan and thinks she's a better shield to keep around if there's a tribe swap.

Tribal Council time! Probst asks if the people who got votes at the first Tribal Council are nervous, and both didn't love the feeling. Kelley defends why she needs to remain in the game, including her strength since this tribe is a clunker. Keith get asks about keeping the tribe strong when his performance was, and I quote Jeff Probst, "a disaster." Keith hopes his loyalty and trust will be more valuable. The tribe is sure this vote will be a blindside, but it's not to Wentworth as teased. Alas, Keith and his bad challenge skills are voted off the tribe and as he gets to the Edge of Extinction sign he can't make up his mind which way to go. Guess we'll find out next week.

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